Homarus americanus


In the Northwest Atlantic cold and fresh water, we find our famous Canadian lobster, a classic delicacy. Our lobsters are produced in the BRC certified factories to guarantee the quality.


Our lobsters come in different sizes and designs:


Popsicle packed, frozen in saline
275, 300, 350, 400, 500 grams


Packed in net, boiled in dill.
300, 350 grams


Fresh lobster packed in brine:
This product is 100% free from preservative and other additives.
Live raw material flown from Canada to Ireland where it is boiled for a Swedish recipe, cooled and pasteurized in order to optimize the taste. No preservatives added. Shelf life 35 days.


Comes in the following finishes:

– 1 x 450 grams (packed with dill brine)
– 2 x 600 grams (packed in pail with dill brine)
– 4 x 450 grams (packed in pail with dill brine)